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You might have tried many different approaches to change yourself for the better but if you don’t work with the part of the mind that is in charge of the current problem change can be slow and painful…

I had paralysing phobia of needles! I couldn't have blood work done without having a full blown panic attack, vaccines were impossible to handle, this all had to do with various traumatic events of my childhood, including the death of my dear grandmother... After just a couple of sessions with Dan I was without any fear of needles! It's been more than a year now and I went and got a tattoo done without any fear! Thank you Dan you are just amazing! ​


As a business woman I have to fly a lot! Before working with Dan, I had to take an anti-anxiety medication every time I had to get into a plane, so I hired Dan a day before a business flight, and guess what?! With just one session I was flying relaxed without taking any pill! I was so surprised with the results! We went on with rest of the sessions to work on my anxiety issues that were also resolved! Thank you Dan for making me free of the fears I had!​


Working with Dan I was able to stand up for myself in my work, even with my own boss after my 1st session! I feel super confident and released all my limiting beliefs that were installed since I was a young girl. Thank you Dan!

neurotransformationslogo (4)