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If you want to unleash your true potential, unstuck yourself from negative patterns, here is your opportunity.

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Change can be difficult if...

You might have tried many different approaches to change yourself for the better but if you don’t work with the part of the mind that is in charge of the current problem change can be slow and painful…

Change can be fast and easy!

The secret to change is to work with the neuro connections that are responsible for the patterns that you want to change, by working directly with that part of the mind change is fast and permanent!

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I only take clients if...

I only work with clients that I know that will have positive results with this system.


So in order to know If I can help you with this system, we have to have a


Only after that session can we decide to move forward with our sessions or not. 

I also want to make sure you are happy to work together.


I just work one to one, everyone has different issues and different experiences, each of my sessions will be designed just for you.


As you can imagine, I just can take a few clients per month. 

So if you are serious and willing to work on yourself, schedule your Initial Consultation Today!


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here's how it works


Whilst our conscious represents the thoughts we are aware of, it is our subconscious that controls all of our feelings, behaviours and beliefs.

The detail

When we attempt to change the way we think, feel or behave we often struggle to make any impact, and find ourselves in the frustrating situation of knowing how we SHOULD be thinking, but experiencing something quite different. This is because our efforts involve using our conscious mind when it is our subconscious that is in charge of any change.


I will use a system that teaches you how to communicate with your subconscious in a way that gets heard.

The detail

I will use a system that teaches you how to communicate with your subconscious in a way that gets heard, enabling you to make the required changes quickly and easily without having to fight or go through any lengthy retraining process.


Where other systems tell you the value of making changes and taking action, we use a step by step system for making those changes.

The detail

It doesn’t just tell you why you should be doing this, it gives you the tools to actually DO IT! Once learnt, you will have this system as a go to strategy whenever you want to make changes in your life. Never again will you feel powerless and dictated to by your own pre-programmed subconscious patterns. You will be in charge of where you are going and how you are going to get there.

What can we transform with Neuro Transformations...

Just a few examples of what we can work with Neuro Transformations…

Feel Calm and Relaxed Without - Panic Attacks - Excessive Worry - Intrusive Thoughts - Insomnia - Trauma - Negative Thoughts

Feel confident about yourself! Better Public Speaker - Higher Self Esteem - Better Professional - Leadership - Create The Life You Want!

Let go of your fears! - No more useless Fears - Release your Phobias - Feel Safe & Secure

Let go of your sadness - Let your heart heal - Feel the life inside you - Feel the hope once again! Be Happy!

Sports Performance - Business Performance - Focus - Motivation - Unbeatable Mindset - Up Your Game!

Find your mission - Inner connection - Make your life flow - Walk your path - Get in sync - Better Relationships

Real People Real Life Results!

Just a few reviews of people that Dan has helped with Neuro Transformation...
with only 4 sessions or less!
Change can be fast with the right skills!

The sessions I received from Dan were very powerful and rapid for reducing my anxiety to nearly nothing.  I have suffered from anxiety most of my life, and this past year has been especially taxing on me. I was having panic attacks at least twice a month. Small daily things would overwhelm me, and I would feel somewhat helpless. I wasn’t able to cope with work, homelife, taking care of my three kids, as well as being cooped up in the house too much. I wanted to just shut down. Dan helped me at just the right time. We had our first session on a Sunday, and that Monday my kids started distance learning, which was something that caused me a lot of stress last Spring, and I was already feeling panicked beforehand. I also started a second online job and worked more hours than I have ever worked in one week. If I had not had that session with Dan, I am sure I would have been a mess, probably having panic attacks, feeling irritable, not able to get everything done for work and for home and the kids. Instead, I took everything in stride. I was calm, dealt well with everything, and was shocked by the weeks’ end how well I managed it all. I would most definitely recommend these sessions with Dan to anyone that has anxiety or feels overwhelmed.


I have known Dan for many years and there have been a few treatments he has done to me, so I can say that I recognize his excellent work. Dan is a super demanding professional with himself and does not rest until he ensures results that meet the client's expectations. In the last sessions I did with Dan I wanted to unblock some fears that I had when I wanted to speak English in public, in my mind there was an incredible fear of failing, of speaking wrong and Dan helped me to overcome this block, having realized the origin of the problem and taking the opportunity to help me overcome some of my fears caused  unresolved issues from the past. I recommend Dan 100%. Thank you Dan for your help 😉

Regina Fernandes

I had paralysing phobia of needles! I couldn't have blood work done without having a full blown panic attack, vaccines were impossible to handle, this all had to do with various traumatic events of my childhood, including the death of my dear grandmother... After just a couple of sessions with Dan I was without any fear of needles! It's been more than a year now and I went and got a tattoo done without any fear! Thank you Dan you are just amazing!


As a business woman I have to fly a lot! Before working  with Dan, I had to take an anti-anxiety medication every time I had to get into a plane, so I hired Dan a day before a business flight, and guess what?!

 With just one session I was flying relaxed without taking any pill! I was so surprised with the results! 

We went on with rest of the sessions to work on my anxiety issues that were also resolved!

Thank you Dan for making me free of the fears I had!


The experience of working with Dan is very good. He is a person I trust (I have known him and his work for years), he is empathetic and he makes me feel serene and calm. It is very easy to work with Dan. His knowledge and the way he interacts with us in a session allows us, on our own, to achieve the results that, perhaps, at the beginning, we would not even have expected to achieve. Trusting the process and the Coach is everything and Dan manages to do it excellently. Congratulations on your work !! Go on, the world needs you! 💛😁

Marta Ambrósio

Dan is not only very professional and respectful, but he also genuinely wants to help people be as happy and healthy as they can be. He celebrates all victories with you. Whenever he can't achieve optimal results, he strives to find more effective alternatives and doesn't give up on his clients. This rapport based on mutual trust and kindness was what enabled me to approach some sensitive and painful topics and to be truly open to work through them and overcome them. I feel like these are fundamental elements for true healing to take place. And I believe Dan is the sort of therapist you can learn to trust and dig deeper in order to overcome your deep seeded fears and blocks, and to fully realize your potential. I noticed significant change from the very first session and was glad I did that deep dive, which earned me quick and effective results in just the 3 sessions. I will reach out to him in the future for any other issues I need to overcome within myself, and I have recommended him to friends and family.

Alexandra Martins

Dan is an outstanding professional with personal characteristics that I admire a lot such as love, friendship and solidarity. I highly recommend, because he makes me feel that I’m talking with my best friend.

Paulo Vieira

With Dan’s help, I managed to achieve all the goals I had before starting the sessions, related to my insomnia. In addition, we also worked on overcoming some traumas from the past. It was an excellent result obtained in a short time, after years of trying other therapies! I would like to say thank you to Dan for making a positive difference in my quality of life.

Catarina Queirós

I have worked with Dan on various areas of my life and I have always achieved great results in all areas that we have worked on. 

Dan is someone I trust 200% and who I highly recommend. 

In addition to being an excellent professional, he is also an excellent person.

Hugo Canossa

First of all, in addition to the giant trust I have with Dan, I decided and felt that I was prepared to take the next step.

I want to give a BIG THANK YOU to Dan. Without him, this path and this discovery would have never been possible. 

Discovering my roadblocks, discovering the cause of the problems that were encountered daily were the key to reaching the goal and the intended results. Living with quality of life, without pain is normal and that is what I will always focus on. 

It was a very important path and experience, but it was above all a learning experience, sometimes we have to go down to the depths of ourselves and allow ourselves to walk through the journey to discover and face the problems head on.

Catarina Branquinho

This experience was very rewarding, essentially in terms of the results obtained. I was looking for greater balance in my way of being, both personally and professionally, as the accelerated/stressed way I corresponded was having repercussions on my health and well-being. And without a doubt that Dan and his professionalism was an essential part to obtain the desired results.
It’s essential to want and give change a chance, trust in Dan’s work and you will get the change you need.


I’ve known Dan for many years!!
An excellent human being, understanding, friendly and honest!
Having this human part combined with solid knowledge in this area and in other therapies, I did not hesitate to work with him! 😉

I had already done Hypnosis in other renowned clinics and I am very grateful for the contribution and help they gave me!

But Dan’s method is very fast, detailed and efficient!!

Thanks to Dan, I’m driving many km trips (which I haven’t done for 10 years since my anxiety attacks). I have more self-esteem, more confidence, despite the emotional upheavals I’ve had these past few years!

Finally, Dan is a therapist and friend who is always available! Always have a word of support, whether in consultation or not, and always want to know about our evolutions!

The fact that we know that we have someone who supports us is very important in the mental area!

I highly recommend the experience with Dan!!

Thank you my friend!!


Dan is an incredibly talented therapist, studious, intuitive and full of good vibes.

In 3 sessions Dan was able to identify my fears and blocks and helped me not only to release them, but also to accept them.

In the first session we defined the goals to be achieved and in the 2nd session, the change was incredible. In the 3rd and final session, I felt that I had found the best version of myself and what I was looking for.

It was an emotionally intense, necessary and full of benefits process, which I would definitely recommend!

Thanks for the amazing trip Dan!

Inês Sousa

I immediately felt the differences in my behavior, in my daily life, in my choices. More lightness, tranquility and confidence. For me, it was an alignment, it brought relief from many internal conflicts, as I went through a period of very conscious transformation, and there was something that often led me to react in old patterns, which is no longer the case. Thanks! Really, thank you from the heart!

Andreia Correia

Dan Nakamura, in addition to being a great professional, is also a “special being”. 

For those who really want to be HEARD, here you have a person not only with this availability, but also the ability to absorb the information that really matters for our individual treatment. It is this insight into this absorption of information that takes you to the root of problems together with our subconscious.

Another positive point is: if you need to talk or solve any “problem” not fully resolved with this treatment, Dan will be available to help at no additional cost.

If it was a restaurant, I would give it 5*, in this case I give it the maximum rating!

Teresa Noronha

Dan is an excellent professional and seeks with all his knowledge and essence to help others. These sessions where we worked with my subconscious mind to release my blocks were really enriching and fundamental for my transformation as a professional and also for my personal confidence.

Thank you very much for your work and for all your efforts to help others.


Meet Dan Nakamura
more than 18 years dedicating his life to helping others


Dan has been working as an alternative therapist for more than 18 years now, helping thousands of people, he has a clinic in Portugal.

Since early in his career, doing acupuncture and other therapies, he realised that many of his patients had psychosomatic symptoms so he started to study the mind as well…


He has studied and took many in depth courses like EFT ( Emotional Freedom Techniques ) advanced level, NLP ( Neuro-linguistic Program ) international certification, Meditation, Life Coaching international certification,  Emotional Acupuncture, he also created some other techniques where he mixed any of his skills and called it Emotional Freedom Coaching.

However he always has been motivated to find the best and the fastest techniques to make fast and long lasting changes, fortunately he found and studied the control system, the fastest method to reprogram the mind!

So by using the skills and years of experience, all the sessions will be transformative for you starting with the very first session!

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In this Call you will discover:
A clear vision of what you want – sometimes what we think we want isn’t really what we want, a bit confusing yes, but that is what I have found to be true working with so many people these last decades. We will search deep inside what it is that you really want to achieve. 

What really has been holding you back – we will analyze what are the obstacles that you had or have that is making the change difficult or even impossible to this day. Knowing what we have to work on is really important to achieve the desired change.

Create a vision of yourself after achieving the desired change – Having a vision of how our life would be different without the pattern that we want to change is really important as well. 

How your mind works – Yes, I love to do these sessions because we are going to do some exercises to see how your brain works, and at the end we will communicate with your subconscious mind all this without trance, I don’t use trance hypnosis.

I think you’ll be surprised, I bet you have never experienced something like this before!

Finally we will design a program to make that change a reality.

HURRY! This is only made available to a limited number of people.

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It’s impossible for me to help everyone that gets in touch with me so I will have to go through the applications and see who are the ones I can help.

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